I’ll Be Your Daddy (Love Story)

i jumped out of bed

to send you this message

twenty four hours had passed

i can no longer endure

though i can fully ensure

where my heart was at

close to cardiac arrest

thinking of ways to get closer

to my

pace maker

i think about you

and i think about life

i think about you

and think about wife

the way

you control my blood flow

the way you made my heart go

pitter patter

just about every five minutes

it began to shatter

wondering what ten digit code

could ring your phone

i wanted to make it explode

then watch the news

for the reports on nuclear reaction

a chemical attraction

as fireworks explode

i remember the bomb

i wanna send smoke signals

so you remember the time

when we fell in love

do you remember the time

when we first me girl

o i…

in quick moments

we added smiles

to the emptyness


with feelings

to show the real

without guessing

i missed you babe

tattood on my mind

thinking of the way

you sooth me

asking others questions

about how you do me

and they said…

pursue me

Feature Artists

In the middle of the night… they motivate us. They make it happen in the late night. The innovators. The sounds of our desires. The notion that my team is not in the lead is strictly based on the fact we wanted to keep the winners a secret… until now. Now is the time. This is the moment you will learn was more significant than the others.